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Terms and Conditions

  1. Acclivity Club Terms and Conditions
    • Acclivity Club representive
    • Payment due date
    • Cancellation policy
    • Cancellation in the event of government regulation changes due to COVID-19
    • Unused portion of trip
    • Changes by you
    • Cancellations or Changes by Us and Flexibility
    • Photography
    • Self-Guided Tours
    • Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance 
    • Medical considerations
    • Your obligations as a trip member
    • Our legal limitations
    • Releases and related provisions
  2. Acclivity Club Covid-19 Policy
  3. Rescue Insurance
    • International Trail Running Association

1. Terms And Conditions

Please read carefully. This is a legally binding contract.

Acclivity Club representive

Represented by Julienne Horbach, and the users of the website Acclivity Clubs offers Trail Running Camps, Yoga Retreats, Yoga Classes in Zurich, and Online Yoga Sessions.

Julienne Horbach is the founder of Acclivity Club.

Julienne Horbach (also known as Lilli Horbach) represents Acclivity Club. The name “Acclivity Club” is used as a marketing name. The name “Acclivity Club” is used in this agreement. 

Payment Due Date

Payments are due 14 days after booking. Not paying on time will be considered grounds for cancellation, in which case our cancellation fees will apply.

Cancellation policy Trail Running Camps & Yoga Retreats

Cancellations must be received in writing by email and are subject to the following fees per guest:

  • More than 90 days before departure: 10% of tour cost
  • 46-90 days before departure: 20% of tour cost
  • 31-45 days before departure: 50% of tour cost
  • 0-30 days before departure: 100% of tour cost

For cancellations, cancellation fees apply. In case of payments made with the payment method credit card, a refund fee of 4% will be charged.

Booking policy Yoga Sessions & Online Yoga Sessions

Individual lessons and subscriptions (hereinafter referred to as ‘subscriptions’) must be paid before the start of the class. Individual lessons can be paid for via the website during online booking. Payment can be done by credit card, twint or in cash. Invoice is possible on request. 

Redeemed subscriptions are personal and non-transferable. Price changes are subject to change at any time. Ongoing subscriptions remain valid until the end of the agreed term. Subscriptions cannot be canceled.

Cancellation policy Yoga Sessions & Online Yoga Sessions

We kindly ask our participants to cancel their attendance via email at at least 120 minutes before the start of the class if they are unable to attend the booked session. In this case, the reserved spot will be released for other participants. Prepaid individual lessons can be rescheduled for another date in case of early cancellation and upon consultation with our team. Refunds are only possible in exceptional cases and with prior agreement. If someone fails to appear without canceling, a prepaid individual lesson cannot be refunded, unless it is due to emergencies or accidents. In the case of illness or accident, and upon presentation of a medical certificate, we will adjust the duration of the subscription accordingly.

We inform our participants about session cancellations as early as possible. If a session with pre-booked reservations needs to be canceled, participants have the option to make up for the missed session on another date. Refunds for canceled sessions are only possible in exceptional cases and with prior agreement.

Please note that this translation was generated automatically. If you have any uncertainties or legal questions, we recommend having the translation reviewed by a professional translator.

Cancellations policy Eiger Ultra Trail

Acclivity Club offers special conditions for the participants. Participants of the Grindelwald Trail Camp will get a guaranteed race entry spot of the Eiger Ultra Trail. After successful registration of the Eiger Ultra Trail race, a cancellation of the camp or the Eiger Ultra Trail is no longer possible.

Unused Portion of Trip

No refunds will be provided for any unused portion of a trip once the trip begins, including but not limited to if you leave a trip for any reason, miss the trip’s departure date or an activity, or have to be removed from a trip. There are no exceptions to this cancellation and refund policy, including for reasons related to weather, civil strife, personal, family or medical emergencies or any other circumstances beyond our control. For this reason, we highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance.

Changes by You

If you need to make changes after your tour has been confirmed, for example, adding or subtracting nights, changing dates, hotels or meal plans, we will be happy to help when we can. 

Keep in mind, changes are not always possible, especially when one change affects subsequent nights. Additionally, our outside suppliers, including hotels, often impose additional fees or penalties for changes and cancellations. As a result, it is in our sole discretion whether to accept a change request. If we accept your request, you will be asked to pay an administrative fee of CHF 300/person in addition to any new costs incurred, which can be substantial. Change requests should be made in writing, by email.

Cancellations or Changes by Us and Flexibility

Acclivity Club reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a camp if the required number of participants has not been reached.

We reserve the right to cancel, alter or modify any trip without prior notice for any reason, including but not limited to for the safety, comfort and / or well-being of trip participants and for circumstances of Force Major, ie circumstances beyond our control which prevent us from providing the trip as planned. This includes the right to replace or substitute guides and accommodations in the trip materials, modify the order in which places are visited, and make other changes in the itinerary. 

If we are forced to significantly alter or cancel your trip due to Force Majeure, which is rare, we will let you know as soon as possible. In these circumstances, you can choose one of the following options: 

  1. Accept our offer of a comparable replacement trip, offered at our sole discretion and subject to availability, or
  2. Receive a refund of all monies paid less any non-refundable deposits paid to third party suppliers.

When accepting an offer for a replacement trip:

  1. If the cost is lower than the price of your original trip, you will receive a refund for the difference in cost, or
  2. If the cost of the replacement trip is higher than your original trip, the costs will be charged. 


Acclivity Club reserve the right to take photographs or videos during the operation of any tour or part thereof and to use the resulting photography, videos, or recordings for promotional or commercial use. 

By making a reservation on an Acclivity Club trip, you agree to allow your likeness to be used by Acclivity Club without compensation to the participant. 

If you prefer that your likeness not be used, you must notify Acclivity Club in writing prior to departure of the tour.

Self-Guided Tours

Any custom or self-guided itinerary is subject to changes based on hotel availability. If you need to make any changes to your trip, we will of course do our best to accommodate your change request; however, this may not always be possible.

Any changes made by the client after the deposit is made are subject to a CHF 200/person service fee. If the change incurs any expenses, these will be chargeable on top of the service fee. Taking part in an Acclivity Club self-guided trip is done entirely at your own risk. Acclivity Club cannot be held responsible for inclement weather, trail closures, any injuries, loss or damages during your trip. 

Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance

Although we do not require trip cancellation insurance, to protect your investment in the event you need to cancel your trip, trip cancellation and travel insurance is highly recommended. Trip cancellation insurance may be the only means of receiving reimbursement for flights and other non-refundable expenses should one of our tours be canceled for any reason.

Medical Considerations

If you have any medical or psychological conditions, it’s important you let us know well before departure so that we can make extra arrangements if necessary. You can do this when signing up for your trip, using the comment box provided. 

Acclivity Club and its employees, agents, guides, affiliates, and associates (hereinafter its “Associates”) have the right to disqualify anyone at any time both before and during the trip if they feel the trip member is mentally or physically incapable to continue and / or if a trip member’s continued participation jeopardizes the group’s or his / her own safety. Acclivity Club reserves the right to provide alternative activities and onward transportation in situations where the guide determines that the participant is mentally or physically incapable of completing any day’s activities in a reasonable amount of time or if participation puts the participant at increased risk of injury. 

Acclivity Club is not a medical facility and therefore has no responsibility regarding medical advice, medications or inoculations that you or your doctor deem necessary for your safe participation. Hospital facilities for serious problems are often unavailable, and evacuation can be prolonged, difficult and expensive. 

Acclivity Club assumes no liability regarding provision of medical care. By registering for your trip and accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to pay for emergency evacuation and emergency medical care.

Your obligations as a trip member

By participating in an Acclivity Club trip, you assume certain obligations to Acclivity Club and the other trip members. It is your responsibility to:

  • Understand the conditions implied in the Acclivity Club Trip level score of your selected trip.
  • Select a trip that is appropriate to your interests and abilities.
  • Prepare for the trip by familiarizing yourself with the trip itinerary and trip preparation materials sent by Acclivity Club.
  • Bring appropriate gear and clothing (mandatory equipment) as advised by Acclivity Club.
  • Follow considerate standards of personal hygiene in order to reduce risk of contracting diseases.
  • Follow considerate social behavior with other trip participants and respect their habits.
  • Respect the areas in which we travel by using environmentally safe products, staying on established routes of travel and not littering.
  • Abide by instruction / rules / outdoor ethics written or communicated by Acclivity Club or its Associates.
  • Travel at a pace consistent with the safety of the group, as managed by the guide. If the guide decides that you are not traveling at a pace necessary to maintain group safety, or if you prefer to take a route different from the rest of the group, you become responsible for your own safety, as well as for any cost incurred, such as transportation.

Acclivity Club reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a tour participant should such person’s behavior, health, or mental condition impede the operation of the trip.

Our Legal Limitations

Acclivity Club may contract with independent contractors to provide transportation, guide services and / or all other related travel services. We assume no responsibility for injury, loss or damage, however caused, to person or property in connection with any service provided by an independent contractor or resulting directly from the following: Acts of God, detention, annoyance, terrorism, thefts, pilferage, Force Majeure, civil disturbances, government restrictions or regulations, strikes, delays and expenses arising from quarantine, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, discrepancies or change in transit or hotel services over which we have no control. 

We reserve the right to make reasonable changes in the itinerary where deemed advisable for the comfort and well-being of trip members. By accepting these terms and conditions and registering for this Acclivity Club trip, the participant agrees to be bound by the above terms and conditions.

Releases and related provisions

By participating in an Acclivity Club trip, you agree to all the following:


I / we hereby release and discharge Acclivity Club, its owners and Associates, and their successors and assigns (hereinafter the “Released Parties”), from any and all liabilities, suits, claims, and demands, actions or damages (including attorneys’ fees and disbursements) incurred by me arising out of the participation in activities under the direction of Acclivity Club including without limitation, all claims for property damage, personal injuries, or wrongful death. This release is binding on my heirs, assigns, and agents.

This release includes, but is not limited to, claims for the negligence of the Released Parties and claims for strict liability for abnormally dangerous activities. This release does not extend to claims for gross negligence, intentional or reckless misconduct, or any other liabilities that applicable law does not permit to be released by agreement. I / we also agree NOT TO SUE or make a claim against the Released Parties for death, injuries, loss, or harm that occur on the trip.

Medical Release

In the event of an emergency, I / we give permission for any medical treatment provided by Acclivity Club and its Associates, which might become necessary. I / we hereby authorize the leader of the activity to secure such medical advice and services as may be necessary for my health and safety, and I / we consent to release all medical information the leader determines necessary to any medical provider. I / we also agree to accept financial responsibility for medical treatment. I / we acknowledge that hospital facilities, qualified medical care, and emergency medical evacuation may be limited or unavailable during portions of the trip and, where available, may be expensive. 

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