Acclivity Club
Personal Running Coach in Switzerland

Lilli Julienne Horbach

Your Personal Coach

Lilli, the heart and soul behind Acclivity Club. With her extensive training and experience, she is dedicated to helping individuals reach their fitness goals and find inner balance.


Substitute Yoga Teacher
@Uflow Yoga Baden

Lilli is subbing Vinyasa Yoga Classes at Uflow Yoga in Baden. 

Workout Coach & Yoga Teacher @Container Gym Zurich

As a coach at the Container Gym, Lilli brings her expertise and passion for fitness to create transformative workout experiences. Specializing in Calisthenics, Yoga, and HIIT & Run training, Lilli guides and motivates clients through dynamic and engaging sessions. Her personalized approach helps individuals reach their goals and unlock their full potential in a supportive and empowering environment.

Online Yoga Teacher @Acclivity Club

As an online yoga teacher, Lilli creates a virtual sanctuary where students can connect with their bodies, minds, and spirits. With her soothing voice and expert guidance, she leads transformative yoga sessions that promote flexibility, strength, and inner peace. Lilli’s classes are accessible to all levels, providing modifications and variations to accommodate individual needs. Join her online yoga community and embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being from the comfort of your own home.

Yoga Teacher @Reactics Zurich

Lilli has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga sessions at the Studio Reactics in Zurich, infusing her classes with creativity, and a nurturing teaching style.

Founder of Swiss Trail Camps

Lilli, the founder of Swiss Trail Camps, combines the best of yoga and trail running. Her camps offer a unique experience where participants can engage in both activities, fostering physical and mental well-being. With Lilli’s expertise, these immersive programs allow individuals to connect with nature, push their limits, and discover their inner strength. Swiss Trail Camps have become a haven for those seeking adventure and holistic wellness.

Adidas Runners Coach, Captain & Community Manager (Switzerland)

Having spent seven years as an Adidas Runners Coach and Captain in Berlin and Zurich, Lilli has honed her leadership skills and cultivated a vibrant community of runners. Her experience as a crew runner, coach, and captain makes her an invaluable asset in helping you achieve your running goals.

Running Coach at FIFA (Switzerland)

Lilli also served as a running coach at FIFA, where she led training sessions at their headquarters. Her expertise and guidance empower athletes to improve their running technique, enhance their performance, and reach their full potential.


200 Inside Yoga Teacher (Austria)

Inside Yoga instructor, Lilli brings a deep understanding of the mind-body connection to her classes. Her guidance will lead you through transformative practices that foster strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

RYT-200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (Switzerland)

Lilli is a skilled RYT-200h Vinyasa Yoga teacher, providing dynamic and invigorating yoga sessions that challenge and inspire. Her classes are designed to build strength, enhance flexibility, and cultivate a sense of presence and mindfulness on and off the mat.

Functional & Fitness Trainer B (OTL + Perform Better)

Lilli is a qualified functional trainer and fitness coach, specializing in creating tailored workouts that improve functional movement, enhance strength, and boost overall fitness levels. Her knowledge and expertise will guide you towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Running & Trail Running Coach (Swiss Athletics)

With her expertise as a running and trail running coach by Swiss Athletics, Lilli combines her love for movement and nature to help athletes improve their performance, prevent injuries, and discover the joy of running in natural landscapes.

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